What are the consequences of removing a government by force?

Both right-wing (PP, Cs) and social democrats (PSOE) are suggesting to suspend Catalonia's autonomy and replace their government. People don't seem to remember what happens when you replace a government by force.

Well, I do:

  • People die
  • People are injured
  • People go to jail for years; not only their leaders
  • Common people are written into loyal and disloyal lists that determine their options and those of their family
  • Newspapers, radio, television, give you a very homogeneous message, those who deviate go to jail
  • Misterious caches of weapons or money are found in the houses of the disloyal, who then go to jail
  • Those inclined to violence on both sides exercise it in various ways, none of them pleasant
  • Divisions, hatred, and injustice persist for generations

Please, don't follow that path, and don't endorse those who want to follow that path - the end doesn't justify the means.