Welcome, this is my personal homepage, I am Carlos Castillo, born in Independencia, Santiago, Chile, in January 1977. I am married and I have a son. I research in the area of social computing.

I am also an atheist, pro-Free Culture, and vegan, in that order. I contribute to the Manzana Mecánica. I write. I write a lot.

I studed in a high-school named "Enrique Molina" in Concepción, Chile, for 2 years, then in the "Instituto Nacional" for 3 years, then in the Engineering School of the University of Chile for 10 years where I got my degree as Civil Engineer (2000) and PhD (2004). Next year I lived in Rome (2005) and then moved to Barcelona (2006-2012), and then to Qatar (2012-2015). Currently (September 2015), I am living in Rome for a few months.

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