I love research environments, even when they are far from perfect. There are a few bad people, plus a great deal of good people that occasionally do bad things because they are single-minded or focused on their own goals. However, the bad things are a small part of what a research life has been to me.

It's like Barcelona: it's a great city, but there are pickpockets. I don't let that distract me from the fact that it's a great city. That doesn't mean I think they are not bad, nor that I endorse what they do, nor that I think they are some sort of necessary evil. It just means I don't let them define my experience of the city.

To enjoy a research life, one needs to learn to focus on what matters, to speak up when needed, to not take things personally, and to forgive and forget. Dwelling on the bad just ruins the experience.

In cybersecurity, the most important attack model of our times is government-in-the-middle, a variant of man-in-the-middle in which the spies of governments wants to mediate all of your communications.

Example: Kazakhastan's certificate.

The last 6 weeks have been crazy. We spent 2 weeks in Netherlands, touring by bicycle doing 300 km in total, visiting old and new friends and experiencing fantastic 3 days of electronic music. Then, 2 weeks in Doha, in a series of increasingly liver-harmful farewell parties plus a lot of packing! Then 1 week in Rome including moving to a new house with the 3 cats, clearing through customs and bringing home 280 kg of our stuff. Finally 1 week in Greece, for a summer school and for our first trip to a country we already love.

(Bicicletas en Holanda + plata en Grecia)

I don't complain, I mean we're so lucky, but damn it has been crazy. Now tomorrow will be my first day at a new job, let's see what it brings ;-)

I just finished watching Shinsekai Yori ("From the New World"). A great, epic, round story. No mechas, aliens, or robots, just magic, friendship, and genocide.

The beginning is a sort of queer Tales of Earthsea or bisexual Hogwarts. You've been warned ;-)

The ending theme is also awesome.


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