Key references examplesToday I've updated the Key References proposal, an idea I floated almost 9 years ago. Basically, the idea is that you mark in the bibliography of your paper, which are the most important items that your readers should read next.

Despite coverage in the Computational Complexity blog, the initial proposal did not get much traction, however similar mechanisms have been proposed since in the bio-medical domain. The updated proposal includes these mechanisms.

Maybe now is the right time for this idea? See

A mixtape I made with some great tech house tracks from Gui Boratto, Marc Romboy, Plastikman and others.

IDD (I Don't Dance) Tech House Mixtape — April 2015 by Chato on Mixcloud

Alexandra Olteanu, Sarah Vieweg and Carlos Castillo: "What to Expect When the Unexpected Happens: Social Media Communications Across Crises" In CSCW 2015, 14-18 March in Vancouver, Canada. ACM Press.

IDD (I Don't Dance) House Mixtape — March 2015, tracks that have a great bass, with Fatboy Slim and Lana del Rey among others.


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